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My HappyBox - OUR STORY

My HappyBox co-founded by Amit Raheja and Shweta Raheja.


In the beginning of the year 2015, parents of a 3-year-old child were to attend a 7 day conference where the child would accompany them and would require to sit with them morning to evening attending the event. Thus came the thought of taking multiple games, puzzles, books to keep the child entertained. A full kit was made by acquiring the games etc from different stores and it worked … the child had something to do those 7 days!  Thus came the idea to make something like this commercially making it convenient for other parents to get the whole kit in one travel friendly bag from one source instead of searching in various stores. My Happybox came into being in mid 2015 with age appropriate kits for 5 different age groups under the expert guidance and consultation of an equally passionate Montessori and an international school teacher, Deepti (our child’s loving Aunt).


By the end of 2015 we realized this model was not working. Parents were not interested in spending too much and buying too many things at one go for children. They loved our products but wanted to buy individual products.

So we changed our model and started making individual Games, but kept in mind our key concept “Travel Friendly” “Light Weight” “Storage Friendly”. The Games are board games, skill based games, multiple intelligence games.

With Amit’s manufacturing background a lot of material used in the games are made in-house.


We are passionate about each and every product that is made by us, where the concept of the game comes to us rather than we going in search of the concept. We believe that it is not we who create the games, life desires to create it and chooses us to execute the same. 


Our Daughter was the key in the inception of My HappyBox and we will always be grateful to her for that. Every year on her birthday Amit makes sure to release one game appropriate to her age and we will continue doing that.


In the year 2017 an offshoot of My HappyBox was born – Papeterie by My happybox, again with the passion to create something unique and offbeat in stationery. We were not interested in making products which 10 others already make. Only if the idea is something different then we bring it into reality.


The venture My happyBox which started as a hobby soon turned into full blown dream and a reality full of hard work but simple and sweet pleasures.


We would love our products to reach worldwide to individuals and parents who are as passionate as we are about life and all that it has to offer.


(A brief background about:

Amit Raheja: Amit is in the family business of manufacturing of plastic products since the last 20 + years. Having the strong knowledge of manufacturing has helped him in making games and other products that are top quality.  He loves the creative flow that this venture brings in his life.

Shweta Raheja: Shweta has always been passionate about learning new things, believing that a curious mind keeps the creativity in you alive. )

August 22, 2018 by Amit Raheja

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