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Delivery times may take longer than normal.
Your Family's Reliable Passport Holder!

"Hurry up children , we are already late! we will get traffic on the way, there is a lot of queue at check in counters! come on we need to lock up too! "

These is a  typical scene at households before leaving for the airports for vacations. As much holidays are fun , that much are they responsibility of planning , reaching on time , organising important documents among other things.  

The most important document at all international travels is a PASSPORT. It is something without which you cannot travel, without which you have no identity.

When i was given the daunting task of taking care of not only my passport but also those of my spouse, my child, my got me thinking... how do i carry them in a safe and secure way... no fuss...simple....sophisticated.

Thus came the research and development of Multiple Passports Holder. 

It is a simple yet stylish design holder, which has 3 strings within... which hold 3 passports (even the ones which are double booklets!), plus additional passport can be placed within even without a string and the holder gets securely fastened with an elastic string on top.

"Truly a Family Passport Holder! " -- A feedback given by a client.

When travelling alone for business trips, this holder can house your passports and 2 slim books (the holder comes along with 3 slim books.), which keep your thoughts, schedules organised. 

Do check out our Passport/Book Holders and make your travels absolutely tension free and fun!

P.S.... They are on sale too !!




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