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Delivery times may take longer than normal.


My happybox came into being when one of us was travelling with a 3 year old darling daughter for a seven day seminar and had to think of fun games and activities to entertain the child. She spent hours in book and game stores to come up with a perfect mix of games books and activities.

Thus started the journey of creating fun workbooks , good quality puzzles, unique and light weight games. We recognized a void in the market for games and activities which children can carry when they are travelling, be it on trips or even weekends , dinners, and started concentrating on filling up that void with our fun and skill based stuff.

Our Team

Our team comprises of a teacher with 8 years of expertise in Montessori ,icsc, and igcse curriculums , a mother and father who wanted to give the right concoction of education and entertainment to their child, a creative designer whose unique ideas and themes makes us different, young and dynamic graphic designers who are bursting with creativity.